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Motor Vehicles & Mobile Homes

Moving to Florida

If you are moving to Florida and going to be a resident, then you must apply for a Florida title and/or license plate. You must also obtain a Florida title and/or license plate if you enroll your children in public school, register to vote, file for homestead exemption, or accept employment, even though you are not a Florida resident.  You need to visit one of our regional service center locations to obtain a Florida title and Florida license plates.

Florida Statutes require that the vehicle identification number (VIN) on motor vehicles be verified by one of the following:

  • A law enforcement officer from any state
  • A Florida Notary Public
  • A licensed motor vehicle dealer from Florida
  • A licensed out of state motor vehicle dealer. (The verification must be submitted on the dealer’s letterhead stationery with a full description of the vehicle and the original signature of the employee from the dealership who verified the VIN number.)
  • A Florida county tax collector employee or Florida Division of Motor Vehicle Compliance Examiner
  • Provost Marshal or commissioned officer in active military service, with a rank of 2nd lieutenant or higher

The following is a list of motor vehicles that are exempt from the VIN verification requirement:

In order to have a Florida license plate on your vehicle, you must have proof of Florida insurance, if applicable. An out of state title must be submitted as proof of ownership. An application for Florida title must be completed and signed by the owner(s).  The current odometer reading must be provided, if applicable. For those vehicles requiring the VIN to be verified, form, HSMV82040 must be completed. We will verify VIN numbers on vehicles when applicable if the vehicle is brought to any of our bregional service center locations.  We will also complete the title application electronically if all owners of the vehicle are present.  Proof of sales tax may be required.

If your title is held by a lending institution, please bring the name, address, and account number for the lienholder.

To register and title vehicles that are leased, we would recommend that you call our Customer Information Center at (352) 343-9602 to obtain information on how best to serve your specific needs.